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  • Trizzio is the creation of three passionate, first-time founders.
  • They entered the startup world armed with IIM/ISB credentials and extensive industry experience.
  • The idea of Trizzio was to use the love for trivia and prizes to create an efficient marketing tool.
  • The app was also to have deep-dive analytic features embedded in it.

Objective- Project Description

  • People love trivia. They love quizzes. They love winning prizes too. Trizzio is a startup that aimed to combine these three aspects in order to create an app that would be used by a large number of users on a regular basis.
  • PCreate a very strong revenue model through targeted ads, but not ones that interfere with the user experience by forcing ads in their faces.
  • The problems we will have to solve are multitude. How will we make users fall in love with the app? How to keep them glued to the app even after they've used it once?
  • What about scaling up to a million users? How to manage efficient user profiling? Why would the advertisers spend their ad dollars?
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Approach strategy and Branding

Approach- Create a system that will enchant a million users, one question at a time

To ensure long-lasting love, we created a unique and complex algorithm that ensured that the questions users get would be calibrated to their efficiency, so you would never get questions too tough or too easy.

The referral program inside the app was built to create maximum viral reach through non-intrusive referral benefits.

The architecture was built from the ground up on google cloud to manage a high influx of users. And the ads were masqueraded as questions, thus ensuring eyeballs and mindshare like no other

We created a beautiful app that was loved by all. The UX of the app was widely appreciated and Trizzio was featured on the Google Play store as the featured Trivia Game App.

Digitization & Technology

Android Development

Cloud Infrastructure

Custom-built Algorithm

Scalable Architecture

The Results



In one month without
ad spend


11 Minutes

Average session


6 Sessions

Per User per day


5 Advertisers

In on Month 2


2500 Prizes

Given away

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