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  • Phoenix Residences is a part of the Phoenix Mills Group. The project provides homes for the affluent lifestyle, with a variety of large and spacious apartments towering over the city landscape.
  • It is an address designed to raise the bar in premium living. Located in the heart of the city, it offers an aesthetic architecture designed by renowned international architects, Benoy, UK & RSP, Singapore.
  • A beautifully landscaped green zone designed by Site Concepts, Singapore, covers the vast majority of the nearly 17-acre property, providing well-detailed and calming experiences.
  • This was the first time such a premium project of this scale was launched in the city and Phoenix Residences wanted to showcase the project and ensure customer engagement and interest.

Objective- Project Description

  • One Bangalore West would be among the most coveted addresses in Bangalore, when complete.
  • How would you ensure that this exclusivity is expressed to the end-users? And they have not heard of Phoenix Residences either!
  • Setting the expectations right, setting the bar even higher, set a tone for the conversation with a potential user.
  • What about scaling up to a million users? How to manage efficient user profiling? Why would the advertisers spend their ad dollars?
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Approach : Live Well Above All

We were associated with the brand
even before the launch back in 2011.

A visual primer that would showcase
the project in all its glory.

Reflect the essence of the core concept of OBW, which was termed “Live Well”

Create a content architecture that makes finding and sharing content so much easier.

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