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  • Kyron intended to redefine the startup ecosystem in India with a proper accelerator program
  • Kyron was the first India startup accelerator with a proper setup and acclaimed startup mentors
  • Kyron name was derived from Chiron, the mentor of Greek mythological heroes such as Achilles and Perseus.
  • Kyron was started with the exact same objective; to help Indian startups to achieve their full potential

Objective- Project Description

  • The primary objective was to create a web presence that could explain the concept of Startup accelerators to Indian entrepreneurs
  • As startup culture was still alien in India in 2012, Kyron wanted to propagate the concept first
  • Then the web presence was supposed to list down the process, benefits and advantages
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Approach strategy and Branding

The challenge was to send out the right kind of message and make the prospects understand the concept.

We used a two-pronged approach for the web presence: one sending out the message of the concept of a startup accelerator, and the other with all of the information about the team and the program.

It had a parallax intro section which talked about the concept and the working, as well as a proper site with all the other details. It was pathbreaking back then.

When the user keys in kyron.me, we took them to a storytelling mode, showcasing what is Kyron and what are its benefits?

The Results

Awards & Nominations

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9000 +

page views within the first month of launch


15000+ Minutes

of time spent by users on the first month of launch


400 entries

for the first program, without any paid advertisement



on Google for all relevant keywords

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